What is the best handmade dog toy?

What is the best handmade dog toy?

I run a doggy daycare center. It is something that I love doing and have been doing for over five years now. I opened the doggy daycare when my friends were having a hard time balancing work life and the pets that they have had all through high school. Turns out, having a dog and going to work every day is nothing like having a dog and going to school all day. Especially since when you are in high school, you have your parents to help you with your dog during the day while you are at school.

Of course things change when you grow up and move out on your own. Then you have to find a real job and take care of your own responsibility.

When I started this doggy daycare, it was only meant to be a safe haven for my friends pets. Just three or four dogs Monday through Friday. Now it is a fully functional doggy daycare that has over fifty dogs a day and ten workers full time. What started out as me helping a few friends out turned into my own personal business.

As the years passed by, the doggy daycare upgraded. I newer and better kennels and fences for the doggy play area. I even purchase a few dog toys.

The only down part about my business is that with so many dogs, these dog toys that I purchase from our local pet shop are just not lasting very long at all. I wanted something that was going to last a long time. Or at least something that would last more than a week.

That is when I got online and began searching for handmade dog toys. I began looking for handmade dog toys because I had a friend that mentioned that her dog Daisy loved her handmade toy that she bought for her. And that it was also the same toy that she had since she was a puppy.

This made me realize that handmade dog toys are made with better quality and will actually last longer than the toys that I have been purchasing from our local pet shop.

So I got online to began my search. I found dozens of different hand made toys online. There were all kinds of different toys in different colors and sizes. There were so many options, but I needed to make sure that the toy that I chose was one that was worth purchasing.

Then I ran across the Tether Tug Doggy Toy on www.doggybakery.org. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was by far the most unique dog toy that I had ever seen before. Not to mention is was handmade and made in the United States. I couldn’t believe my luck.

After reading a few dozen reviews of this dog toy I decided to give it a chance and purchase one. I only bought one just to make sure that I was getting what I was paying for and I must say, I couldn’t be happier.

Not only is the tether tug dog toy handmade, but it also an interactive dog toy. So all of the dogs that attend the doggy daycare will be able to play at all times. No matter if the worker is there to play with them at the moment or if they are tending to another dog in the yard.

These tether tug dogs toys are by far the best handmade dog toys that I have ever seen or used before and as an owner of a doggy daycare, I have used a lot of different dog toys.